Research Faculty for 2021

Faculty research can be discovered by clicking on faculty members name

Anthropology (Drs. Fenn and Sankaranarayanan)

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering(Drs. Lee CH, Liu and Shabgard)

Biology (Drs. Allen, Bergey, Fornelli, KellyLanier and Siler)

Biomedical Engineering (Drs. AcarTang, and Wilhelm)

Chemical Engineering (Drs. Walters KB, and Wang)

Civil Engineering (Drs. Floyd)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (Drs. Cichewicz, Dong, Hansmann, Kothapalli, Mao, McCallRajan, Rice, Rybenkov, Saparov, Schroeder, Shao , Sharma, SimsWest, Wu, Yang and Zgurskaya)

Computer Science (Drs GrantHougen and McGovern)

Communication Sciences and Disorders (Dr. Ntourou)

Education (Project Fraction by Drs Hott and Peltier)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Drs. Qui, Ruyle, and Sigmarsson)

Geology, and Geophysics (Drs. A. Madden, Koch)

Health and Exercise Science (Drs CampbellCheney and Pereira)

Mathematics (Drs. Epstein, Jablonski, Moore-Russo, Savic and Wang)

Meteorology (Drs. Chilson, Mcfarquhar, SakaedaSchenkel, Parsons, and Wang)

Micro and Plant Biology (Drs. McCarthy, Moore,  Karr, Sankarnarayanan, Stevenson and Souza)

Philosophy (Dr. Wayne Riggs)

Physics (Drs. Abraham, Blume, Dai, Kilic, and Strauss)

Psychology (Drs. CarvalloCokely, Ethridge, and Wenger)

In addition to various departments, in 2021 we are also adding centers and observatories.

Geostationary Carbon Cycle Observatory (GeoCarb) – Dr. Crowell

Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) – Dr. Metcalf

*Please note that this list of available faculty members as mentors may change.