Research Mentors for 2019-20

Links to the Faculty Members web pages/project descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the names of faculty who have agreed to be FYRE mentors for academic year 2019-2020

Anthropology (Drs. Hofman and Sankaranarayanan)

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (Drs. Lee, Liu and Shabgard)

Biology (Drs. Allen, Bergey, Bridge, Kelly Lanier, Ross and Siler)

Biomedical Engineering (Drs. Acar, Detamore, Ding, TangWilhelm and Yuan)

Chemical Engineering (Dr. Walters)

Civil Engineering (Drs. Floyd)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (Drs. Bourne, Burgett, Cichewicz, Hansmann, Mao, McCallRajan, Rice, Richter-Addo, Rybenkov, Saparov, Schroeder, ShaoSharma, SimsWest, Wu, Yang and Zgurskaya)

Computer Science (Drs GrantHougen and McGovern)

Education (Drs Hott and Peltier)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Drs. Ding, Qui, RuyleSigmarsson, and Xiang)

Geology and Geophysics (Drs. A. Madden)

Health and Exercise Science (Drs BlackCheney, and Pereira)

Mathematics (Drs. Jablonski, Moore-Russo and Wang)

Meteorology (Drs. Chilson, McFarquhar and Parsons)

Micro and Plant Biology (Drs. McCarthy, Sankaranarayanan, Stevenson and Souza)

Physics (Drs. Abraham, Dai, and Kilic)

Psychology (Drs. Barnes,  CarvalloCokely, Ethridge, and Wenger)

*We have included some faculty members who have been strong supporters of the program, while we await their official acceptance as mentors for FYRE 19-20. It is possible that we may be adding or removing listed faculty members as mentors.