Research Faculty Mentors for 2018

This year we have faculty members from the following departments participating as faculty mentors:

Anthropology (Drs. Kemp and Sankaranarayanan)

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (Drs. Lee, Liu and Shabgard)

Biology (Drs. Allen, Kelly, Marske, Marshall, and Siler)

Biomedical Engineering (Drs. Detamore and Yuan)

Chemical Engineering (Drs. Ding and Walters)

Civil Engineering (Drs. Nanny and Floyd)

Chemistry and Biochemistry (Drs. Burgett, Cichewicz, Halterman, Hansmann, Mao, Rajan, Rice, Richter-Addo, Rybenkov, Saprov, Schroeder, Sharma, Shao, Sims, Singh, West, Wu, Yang and Zgurskaya)

Computer Science (Drs Hougen and McGovern)

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Drs. Sigmarsson and Ruyle)

Health and Exercise Science (Drs Cheney and Bemben)

Mathematics (Drs. Jablonski, Moore-Russo and Wang)

Meteorology (Drs. Chilson, McFarquhar and Parsons)

Micro and Plant Biology (Drs. Dunn, McCarthy, Karr, Stevenson and Souza)

Physics (Drs. Abraham and Dai)

Psychology (Drs. Barnes-Burgett, Ethridge and Carvallo)

*It is possible that we may be adding more faculty members as mentors.