Research Areas for FYRE 2017

It is exciting new year for us. This year we have added new faculty members who have agreed to mentor students in Spring 2017.

For research areas, we have grouped faculty members with similar research interests and created a list of topics. The list of topics are:

A. Investigations into Biomolecules: From Basic Function to Biomedical Research

B. The Molecular Gastronomy of Coffee

C. The Nanotechnology Revolution

D. Bleeding-Edge Analytical Chemistry: New Frontiers in Mass Spectrometry

E. Mathematical Modelling and Geometrical puzzles

F. Natural Products: Discovery, Synthesis and Mechanisms

G. Unraveling the Secrets of Biology and Biodiversity

H. Biomedical Engineering: Tissue Regeneration and Imaging

I. The Meteorology of Urban Climate: A Myth or a Reality

J. Biological Communities: Animals, Plants and Microbes

K. The Psychology of How Our Minds Work: Autism and Cognitive Science

L. The Electrical Engineering of Radar: New Electrical Architectures to Probe the World Around Us

M. Earth’s Exploration: In a Nanoscale Manner

N. Physics of Supernova Explosions

Application for FYRE1617 application