Program Components

Application/Interview: In the Fall semester, first-year Honors students interested in FYRE participation submit an application designed to match their scientific and research interests with prospective faculty mentors. After a successful interview with the faculty member, the students are officially accepted into the program. The number of students accepted each year depends on active faculty members who agree to mentor students for the FYRE semester.

FYRE Research Internship: The FYRE students are expected to spend 10-12 hours/week conducting experimental research during the Spring semester. Two FYRE students are placed in each research group so that a peer-learning group is present. Typically, the FYRE students are trained by one laboratory mentor in tandem for the first several weeks of the semester, at which time the FYRE students start working more independently on related but different projects.

FYRE Colloquium Meetings: Periodic FYRE meetings allow for the FYRE students to form an undergraduate research community, while being exposed to topics relevant to their scientific development. Meeting topics may include an introduction to laboratory safety, a Science in the News discussion, lessons on scientific communication and a series of “A Researcher’s Life” meetings, where researchers from academia, industry and medicine explain their professional lives and career paths to the FYRE students.

FYRE Poster Presentation and FYRE Event:  The FYRE Poster Session concludes the FYRE semester. Each student prepares and presents a poster describing their semester-long research. Immediately after the Poster Session, the catered social FYRE event will allow for the students, faculty advisors, laboratory mentors and guests a last opportunity to discuss and reflect on the FYRE semester.