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FYRE program is built on the premise of providing research experiences to undergraduates early in their college careers to help them succeed at OU and their chosen majors. This program relies on the good will of faculty mentors like yourself and we are grateful for your support.

As a faculty mentor, your responsibilities would include:

  • Meet with your FYRE students regularly and help them understand the your laboratory research as well as its applications and outreach.
  • Ensure that they are following all the safety standards required by your department and college (we will be providing students with personal protection equipment (lab coat, gloves and safety goggles) as a part of the program). We also provide students with a lab notebook for their use during the semester.
  • Help your students prepare their semester-end poster by checking for the accuracy of the information and interpretation they will be presenting.

Some Key Points:

  • Students will be enrolled in HON2970 for their credits and they will not appear in your (courses)
  • As the instructor of the program, Dr. Kothapalli will be assigning them the final grade. Your input is highly valuable for the final grade
  • The grades assigned for individual students will be based on on their participation in research activities in your lab (40%); attendance and participation in the colloquium meetings (20%), group presentation of a scientific publication (10%) and semester-end poster presentation (30%).
  • Before the end of semester, we will request that you provide us with your assessment of the student(s) assigned to you.

If you would like to sign up for becoming a FYRE mentor, please complete the following information. We are currently recruiting faculty mentor for Spring 2022

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