FYRE I: First- Year Research Experience

FYRE I is offered during all semesters (Spring, Summer and Fall). It is specifically designed to increase the number of OU undergraduates in their first year at OU to participate in research.

The Spring semester program is conducted in coordination with Honors College to award Honors course credit for selected freshmen to conduct a mentored, semester-long experimental project in an OU research laboratory. The FYRE program started in 2011 as a joint creation of the Honors College and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.  The spring program current involves research groups from 12 departments from different OU colleges including College of Arts and Sciences; Gallogly College of Engineering; College of Atmospheric and Geopraphic Sciences; and Newbourne College of Earth and Energy.

The Summer FYRE allows for under-represented and minority students to gain research experience during the summer where the class load is typically low. Some funding sources are available for eligible students to help with the costs of course-credits and residence. Additionally, we are currently discussing the possibility of establishing internship opportunities in local STEM-based companies for students to gain industry-experience while earning course credits.

The Fall semester FYRE I is designed to help students who have transferred to OU have the opportunity to participate in research. By providing this opportunity, we hope that the transition of transferring students to OU becomes easier and help them integrate into our student body as well as research community.

While this program is still in its growth phase and is able to help students gain research experience, the overall goal is to develop research-based courses to help larger number of students gain research experience.

Student participation in this program has been steadily increasing starting with 12 students in the first year to 98 students in 2017.