The FourYear Research Engagement (FYRE) program is designed to provide with research opportunities for students during their undergraduate studies at University of Oklahoma. Through the FYRE program, students gain perspectives about research and mentoring for developing their career plan.

  • Provide a safe, constructive, instructive and immersive experience in experimental research for the FYRE students.
  • Provide a gateway to understanding scientific research, in its many manifestations, as a possible professional/career path.
  • Create a nucleus of undergraduate researchers to increase the overall numbers of OU STEM majors, graduates and professionals.

This program started as a Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry initiative and through multi-year efforts, the program now includes many STEM departments with many research opportunities for our undergraduates.

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  1. Rani S says:

    nice article, thank..

  2. Alpianti says:

    This program is still exist until now?

    • admin says:

      Yes. This program still exists. The application for summer and fall programs are available through contacting Dr. Kothapalli (fyre@ou.edu)

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